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  • Alison M. Rand

Let our light shine!

Not even 24 hours after meeting our daughter she showed us her heart.

Our daughter has a heart that is so big. Even in the moments of being scared and confused she saw another child crying. She immediately went with a tissue to wipe the tears of this child. This child was also being adopted.

In this moment we saw our own child help comfort this child. I think there was a bond that they could both feel. They had a connection of both being adopted. It is our understanding that they did not know each other prior to this moment. Love and kindness came through and as new parents this touched us.

We talked about this over breakfast this morning. She had a lot of uncertainty in her first 2 years of life. She also had a light within her that was shinning bright.

May we all keep our light shining bright and show love and kindness.

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