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  • Alison M. Rand

Have you laughed today?

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

A good laugh does the body good. I feel a release when I laugh and it is often so needed. As a mother I can hold in a lot of tension and stress. Laughing is one form of relaxing my body. It can be so energizing and after I can feel so much lighter.

My children can laugh things off so easily. They are once again my greatest teacher and I can follow their lead.

Have you laughed today? Take a few minutes today to watch something funny or connect with a friend and share a joke or something that will bring laughter to both of you.

Add in a laugh to each of your days!

Some ways we laugh each day:

Games that we play as a family that always have us laughing include: Old Maid, UNO, Hedbanz and Twister.

My children love tongue twisters and my husband has been making up new ones when we are in the car. They are silly and funny. We all laugh as our children practice them. Makes for a engaged and fun car ride.

As I go over schoolwork with my children we often find ourselves laughing. Learning can be light and fun. The importance is the journey of getting to the answer is what I tell my children. We are always looking for ways to remember the material outside of just memorizing. As their mother and teacher I remind them that they are their best teacher and they know how they learn best. We have been known to be silly as we learn and often those are the times they reflect on the most and have a big smile on their face as we talk about it.

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